Do Life With Adjectives!

What if the only choice we ever had, was to, go-at our daily affairs with more diligence, passion and fire. What would be the outcome? Looking at the examples from my past, the answer is clearly…more fulfillment.

This draws me to reflect on a conversation I had with my brother Antony, about the degree at which we show up for ourselves, and what matters to us, that really makes a difference. What I shared with him, was a fairly shocking truth, that someone stated to me a while back. “How dare we expect others to magnificently show up for us and our needs, if we aren’t, first, wonderfully showing up for ourselves.” 

And so…i ask a few more questions:

Are you diligently doing the work before you?

How vibrantly are you expressing your love?

Can you powerfully go after your passion?

I say, that life is to be LIVED and CELEBRATED not merely tolerated. But the materialized, final outcome, surely, solely rests on the adjectives that precede our approach.

We all deserve to experience our life, with blasting off “fireworks,” just as many of us desired to witness in the sky, during the 4th of July celebration. So I say…for the sake of peace and flying high, do you and yours with a variety of in-full-bloom adjectives, and soar!!

Carlton 🙂 🙂

About Carlton Wilborn

Carlton Wilborn presents an elegant, powerful and professional presence. A highly respected Empowerment Expert, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Host and Performer, his dynamic style and unique configurations of strength and versatility have kept him front and center on many stages of life. Life Coach For nearly 15 years Mr. Wilborn has studied many different modalities of self-empowerment, spiritual and religious practices, to support him in serving others. His skills as a life coach, allows him to do private coaching, various group workshops and corporate events. His work as a motivational speaker; promoting freedom, courage and healing, has enabled him to share his transformational teachings with churches, sober-homes and HIV organizations throughout North America. On-Camera Host & Public Speaker Mr. Wilborn has been building a fulfilling career as an on-camera host and public speaker. He is proficient with both the tele-prompter and ear prompter. Carlton is currently the host, writer and producer for the webisode series Front & Center and co-host, co-producer and a writer for the webisode Series No Limitz. The Carlton Connection, a Los Angeles based cable show; which he co-produced, wrote and hosted, enabled him to get into the minds of other authors, fashion designers, musicians, choreographers and members of the military. Aside, from being a video host with Panasonic for 2 consecutive years and a Panasonic Keynote speaker for the launch of the 2008 CES convention in Las Vegas, Mr. Wilborn recently returned from the 2011 CES convention as the speaker for Panasonics Eco technology stage. Writer With his Treelife Publishing Company, Carlton is launching a library of inspiring and empowering books and CDs, the first of which have been his Award-Winning autobiographically-based book “Front & Center – How I Learned to Live There,” and the newly released Spoken-Word CD project titled “A Call for the Warriors.” He has also had consciousness articles published in Frontiers Magazine. His book is available on and his album is available on Amazon and through iTunes. Director & Choreographer Mr. Wilborn has directed live shows for major corporate entertainment events, with CISCO SYSTEMS and EDS. His dynamic choreography has brought excitement to many music video artists, most notably Janet Jackson and Madonna. His choreography was celebrated in the Loose Interpretation commercial campaign for Levi Straus, as well as, in the 2007 released motion picture Yellow. His one-of-a-kind Master Classes have been appreciated throughout North America. Dancer Wilborn began his professional career as a principal dancer with the world renowned Hubbard Street Dance Company in Chicago. Combining
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